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☆Leader or Maknae Rating★

Leader or Maknae Rating
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Leader or Maknae Rating Rules

✖ In order to post, you have the JOIN the community.

✖ Once joined, you MUST post an appication, if you DO NOT, you will be banned from the community.

✖ Before posting, please vote on at LEAST 2 applications, and post the links back to them to prove that you did.

✖ When posting an application, please TAG your post as: *unstamped

✖ When rating on other user's application, please BOLD either LEADER or MAKNAE along with the name of the member you chose.

✖ Please don't answer the application with the answers of your favorite Leader or Maknae, that just makes the point of this community, pointless. Answer the applications with an honest heart.

✖ When typing in the SUBJECT LINE please input WANNABE / use WannaBe as PART of your subject. (ex: I'm a WannaBe!)

✖ We will stamp you when you have the minimum of 5 votes.

✖ Not happy with your stamp? You may repost another application, but you must wait ONE week. Please state in your application that you want to be restamped. You must also have a link back to your old application.

✖ If you fail to follow the rules while posting your application, we'll comment your post with warning, but if it does not change after a few alerts, your post will be deleted.

✖ Failed to follow these rules will result you into a world of "BANNED-NESS"


Once we reached a certain amount of members, new themes will be added! so tell your friends!
100 members: kpop rookie groups
*note that may likely to change